Financial literacy for secured life

In its constant Endeavour to help economically active women from the low income group like vegetable vendors and rag pickers come out of the vicious circle of poverty , Sewa Bank through financial literacy training make them realize the importance of a secured future through financial planning , bringing a change in their spending habits and attitude . In 2003, Sewa Bank decided to use wall calendars, to convey its message. The illustrations in the calendars are still being used during financial literacy training programmes

Increasing income from your business

Sewa Banks financial literacy programme has helped is members to understand , in a simple way, how to increase their incomes and manage their finances. As part of this programme, Sewa Bank organized an on the spot drawing competition with the theme "Increasing income from your business."

Fifty enthusiastic members participated and painted their lives as their message.


Financial Counselling

Along with empowering women, information is crucial to the empowernment if long term benefits are to accrue. Towards that financial counselling becomes a necessity for it leads to wiser and sustainable decision making process.

Sewa bank trains financial counselors at the grassroot level and financial literacy specialists in different aspects of financial planning ultimately to benefit women workers in arriving at sound financial discipline.

Financial discipline thus arrived at through financial counselling helps take care of exigencies in future, gives a feeling of security , inculcates a feeling of economic independence and encourages them to plan for the future.

Financial decision making based on an informed choice after attaining knowledge about all services, available to the client, leads to wiser, more sustainable decision making.

of Financial Literacy
Training and Counselling

  • To make poor women understand the concept andimportance of financial planning.
  • To help these poor women inculcate sound financial planning in their normal decision making process.
  • To motivate poor women to plan for the future. They should understand the fact that the future is very uncertain and anything could happen.
  • To bring out a change in the mind set of women, by encouraging them to plan for the future.
  • To lead her to a “ feeling of security “ by giving her information and access to the various financial services and products available in the market, and explaining the various life cycle financial needs that each of the services or product is designed to meet.
  • To inculcate a feeling of economic independence and belief that the money she is earning today can be useful not only for her present but also make her own and her familys future more secure , provided she plans andinvests properly.

Digital Literacy Training

During Covid -19, the need was felt was providing the digital literacy trainings to the members of sewa bank. The bank since then, makes sure to provide these trainings to its members. It will help them in doing the financial transactions at the ease from their home or business place and also lead to cost savings. The members are provided trainings on various subjects like ATM, IMPS, UPI, NEFT/RTGS, SMS Service and MISS CALL Services of Sewa Bank. These trainings are provided online as well as offline . These will enable them to become financially independent and transact at the click of button from their smartphones.


Enterprenuership Training

The self employed women have dived into entrepreneurship by putting hats of entreprenuers. They are managing their entreprises. However, it was observed that they still lack formal entrepreneurship education. Henceforth, Sewa Bank has started the new wing into its training programme, providing these micro entreprenuers and self employed women the entrepreneurship trainings. These trainings are both online as well as offline trainings and they are mainly given trainings on soft skills, entrepreneurship, business development, financial management and crisis management.

Tools and Methodology for providing trainings

All these trainings are provided using various tools and methods like games, videos , charts and posters, role plays and dramas.