SEWA Umbrella

SEWA Family

A Group of Member Owned Economic-organizations Promoted by Sewa

RUDI Multi Trading Company

Agri-business enterprise with an annual turnover of over INR 12 crores completely owned and managed by over 250000 small holder farmers


A section 25 not-for-profit company facilitating poor informal workers access to clean, green energy solutions


Cooperative of waste pickers, manufacturing & marketing stationary products by recycling waste. This cooperative also takes up cleaning work in the large institutions and is involved in solid waste management of the city.

SEWA Gram Mahila Haat

Trade Facilitation Center

A section 25 not-for-profit company owned and managed by over 15000 artisans

Zavarba Vanaat

A cooperative of handloom weavers

Shri Gujarat Mahila
Lok Swasthya Sewa
Sahakari Mandali Ltd

A state-level health cooperative, which aims to provide life-saving, preventive health information / education and to provide low cost, appropriate curative services at women’s doorsteps.

SEWA Academy

The focal point for SEWA’s training, capacity building, research and communication efforts.

(National Insurance
VimoSEWA Cooperative Ltd.)

A multi-state cooperative promoted by SEWA and aims to provide social protection to informal sector women workers and their families.

Gujarat Mahila Housing
SEWA Trust

Established with a mission to organize and empower women in poor communities to improve their habitat.

SEWA Research

SEWA Academy hosts the research wing of SEWA to bring its members, the self employed women, into the mainstream of the world of knowledge through ‘Action oriented research’

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SEWA Manager ni School

Established in 2005 to equip grassroots women workers with management and entrepreneurial skills to successfully run their micro-enterprises.

Video SEWA

Established in 1984 as a means to provide training to the members of SEWA and to motivate, mobilize and strengthen the existing membership of SEWA through the use of video recordings and tapes.

Shri Mahila
SEWA Anasooya Trust

Shri Mahila SEWA Anasooya Trust

Vanlaxmi Mandali
Eco Tourism

Established in 1986 with the objective of providing landless laborers with livelihood. Offers eco-tourism where guests can enjoy the day in the calm and serene surroundings of the farm and enjoy the clean atmosphere.

SEWA Bharat

A national federation of SEWA organizations of women working in the informal economy to support development programs and activities.

Cooperative Federation

Supporting SEWA’s primary, worker-owned cooperatives with access to: capacity-building, market linkages, research, communications, as well as policy advocacy.