Self employed women need loans for a wide variety of purpose, to buy assets, raw materials, finished goods for resale, redeem old debts , upgrade their homes, buy transportation means such as handcart or a pedal cart, or to put in infrastructure in their homes, such as water or electric connections.

Sewa Bank has been providing a wide range of loan products to meet the productive credit needs of its clients. In the absence of traditional collateral, a regular savings record has been a necessary form of security in Sewa Bank’s experience of banking with the poor for well over 50 years.

Each loan is sanctioned following a pre loan check at the women’s home by a Sewa bank field worker.

" I used to buy vegetables for Rs. 100 on credit in the morning from the wholesaler. At the end of the day, I would repay Rs. 110 to him. I paid interest of 10% . Sewa Bank gave me my first loan of Rs. 2000 for buying vegetables and gave me 3 years to repay it , at an interest rate of 17% per year. I repaid in six months and have taken many more loans from Sewa Bank since then. That first loan from Sewa Bank enabled me to get out of the money lenders trap and to improve my business and my profit. "

- Laxmiben, Vegetable Vendor


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