Success Stories

Shri Shilaben Koshti

Shri Shilaben koshti is a Bidi Worker. She is engaged in bidi making business since past 25 years. She makes 500 bidi daily which makes her earn Rs. 50-70 daily. She is associated with sewa bank since past 22 years. Her husband is having tea stall since past 35-36 years.

She regularly uses the mobile van service of sewa bank since past 8 years. She had taken a loan of Rs. 800000 from sewa bank to purchase a home from MHT under Swapna Sakar Yojana. She repaid her loan before 6 months. She is associated with all schemes of Sewa Bank. She regularly saves in the Jeevan Asha scheme of Sewa Bank by saving Rs. 400 daily. She also has fixed deposits with sewa bank.

She utilized her Jeevan Asha Savings to open APY Account and regularly save in APY and also took Fdod loan to buy other house.

She has also purchased a Ujasiyu product from Sewa Bank in her tea stall which led to natural day light and led to savings in electricity bill.

She said that the bank has improved her financial condition and led to "Ujasiyu" in her life. She made all the properties in her name and hence, created wealth by getting associated with Sewa Bank.

Shri Hemlata Makwana

Hemlataben Makwana, resides in Ambawadi Area of Ahmedabad. She orginally belongs to Vankaner district of Morbi and is 51 years old. She is doing the embroidery art of patchwork. She has studied till 9th standard whereas everyone in her family has cleared SSC. She got married at the age of 21 years and came to ambawadi area of Ahmedabad. She now lives in a joint family with her husband, inlaws and three sister in laws. She is mother of 2 sons and 2 daughters.

It was then, when her children went at school, she thought she is having spare time and she can use that time productively. She learned the art of patchwork from her brother in law who is already in same business. Now, she is in the patchwork for almost 30 years. Hemlataben uses her expertise of patchwork and transforms a plain piece of cloth /kurti into a designer piece which can further be sold at a good rate by her husband. Her husband who was initially a plumber, was a street cloth vendor near dada saheb's pagla. They also sell ready made garments like T-shirts, Night dress, Capris , Kurtis and earn around 20000-25000 per month. They faced the problem when police seize the stock and not allow them to do the business, hence there were few days when they could not sell and lead to no business but, theier expense remain constant .. 30000 per month.

She wanted to support her family during this phase, hence she along with her daughter and daughter in law started taking small home based orders for creating patchwork art pieces on cushion and sofa covers. She would earn Rs 5000-6000 per month through these orders. She came to know about sewa bank from her co-worker when she was working at a dentist's clinic. She visited the bank and opened her first saving account in bank in the year 2007. She has a balance of 25000-30000 in her savings accounts.

She also shared that with the help of credit from sewa bank, she successfully bought advance sewing machine, constructed a new floor on her house, managed her son's wedding. She has repaid all her old loans on time and she is currently undertaken a loan of Rs. 1.5 lakh for business stock.

She appreicated the services offered by Sewa Bank and the easy loan approval system that the bank has which has benefitted her in both her personal and business life.

Shri Parvati Parmar

Parvatiben Parmar, a resident of Rakhial area of Ahmedabad is an enterprenuer. She is having her own sewing and designing business. She purchases the cloth from market, sends the cloth for printing and prepare sample where in she will do the embroidery work on cloth. She earns around Rs. 13000 per month. She is also giving employment to females of her area by outsourcing her work and specifically distribute the work to those women who are not allowed to work outside her home. She has connected many women with sewa bank through bank sathis. She is considered leader in her society and community.

Recently, She took a stock loan of Rs. 300000 from sewa bank for purchasing stock. She has alos subscribed to pension and insurance products. She is also having recurring and fixed deposits with sewa bank.

Parvatiben’s life is full of struggle , where at the tender age of 6 years, she lost her father, a mason. Being the eldest of five siblings, she took the responsibility of all her four siblings, two of them twins of 18 days old. She further said that when her mother used to go for work, she used to cook and feed the siblings. She further said, sometimes due to financial crisis, they were not having money to buy vegetable, so she would prepare koyla nu shak and feed them to family. She joined sewa bank at the small age of 14 years as a volunteer, to support her family. She got married when she was in 10 th standard , but then life was not easy for her. Demands of dowry and lack of support from in-laws separated her household. She now stays with her husband and two kids and has become a successful entrepreneur, having a name in her society and community. She wants to make her elder daughter a police inspector and her younger son, a chartered accountant.

She told that she has become successful because of sewa bank and will always continue to take benefits of financial services offered by sewa bank.