Founders Message

Lessons Learnt

  • The Bank should go to poor women and not expect these women who are busy and insecure to come to the Bank.
  • Poor women are economically active and therefore they are bankable. They should not be considered unbankable.
  • Since their economic enterprises are small, they could be expected to repay the loan in small installments. This method has enabled and can enable a 98% recovery rate.
  • Poor women are vitally concerned with the livelihood of their households. Therefore, they are the most eligible borrowers, although they are the most eligible borrowers, although they are been excluding from mainstream banking.
  • Bank should look at all aspects of their borrowers and be prepared to advance diverse kinds of loans for a variety of requirements.
  • Trust in the poor is the sanction for lending. If trust is there, paper work, legal instruments and collaterals are secondary, most often to be dispenses with.
  • Logically, neither the lawyer nor the court needs to be used for recovery.
  • Borrowers are also savers and would not forget that. Borrowers become greater savers as their small businesses get established.
  • Though micro savings, micro credit and micro insurance, poor women are set on the path of self reliance.
  • Organization of these poor women is the best guarantor as member sister gives moral strength and confidence to each other.
  • The relationship between the Bank and borrower is not confined to one transaction. It is continued relationship of mutual trust.
  • Development through micro banking can be slow. But it is a sure way to development for the poor.
  • Organizing effective and successful banking with the poor requires barefoot bankers with a sense of commitment. The usual attitude associated with 'suited-booted' bankers and bureaucrats has to be given up.
  • Young people joining such a bank should be properly trained to understand and serve the poor.
  • There should be an atmosphere of open discussion and regular critical self-examination at staff meeting.
  • The bank should be open to poor women of all communities because integration is the essence of poverty alleviation.